Windy Week Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Oh yes, it was windy all week! So we have a windy week Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report.

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Sunday we had a major front come through, complete with tornado watches and warnings. There was no fishing by this reporter.

Monday the winds blew over 20 mph all day- still no fishing.

Tuesday the Senter family of Hackensack, NJ joined me for some light tackle fishing on a still-windblown Mosquito Lagoon. Dan the dad and his two sons Zev and Ben tossed DOA CAL shad and Deadly Combos for almost six hours. I figured that because of the storms and the change of weather it would be a search mission. It was. Some of the spots that had been reliably producing fish were barren. They got one slot red and perhaps 20 trout, four of which would hold batter. So it was fairly slow, although we’ve all had worse days.

Wednesday Brownie’s Septic Service visited the Kumiski household for an exciting septic tank pumpout, something that should be done every three to five years… It pretty much tied me up all day.

mosquito lagoon fishing reportCapt. Jason with a nice trout.

Thursday Jason Semeyn joined me kayak fishing out of River Breeze, a light tackle half day. I had not been up there in almost a month. The water was pretty clean, if not chock full of fish. Using soft plastics we got a rat red and a half dozen trout to about 24 inches, all by casting into potholes, quite a lovely morning.

In the afternoon it got real windy as another front moved through.

Friday found me at AutoNation Toyota, getting my bride’s chariot serviced. Much to my surprise I was out of the shortly after 9 AM. After taking care of a few things I put a kayak on the roof and went to the St. Johns River.

mosquito lagoon fishing reportThis poor creature will be eaten tomorrow.

It was not on fire. I foul-hooked a tilapia. While it was pulling I did not know that, and wondered what in the heck it could be. The filets are in my refrigerator right now. Mmm-mm-mmm.

Two shad fell victim to my crappie jigs, along with a very small warmouth.

mosquito lagoon fishing reportFriday’s best bass, on a hair bug.

A half-dozen bass attacked my surface flies, to my surprise and joy. No big ones, though. Still, in part because not a single airboat went by, it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

So, we did not fish much this week, and that is the windy week Mosquito Lagoon fishing report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski

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