Independence Day Alagnak River Fishing Report

Thank you for reading this Independence Day Alagnak River Fishing Report. Hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day!

Anchorage is in the upper right, King Salmon in the lower left.

Last week I wrote, “For those of you not up-to-date on your Alaska geography, the Alagnak River is about 200 miles southeast of Anchorage…” A kind reader pointed out that I was directionally challenged. The river is southwest of Anchorage, not southeast. Sincere apologies to any who suffered due to this error.

Speaking of suffering, we are experiencing historically high temperatures here at Katmai Lodge. I brought long underwear and fleece. I need board shorts and Tevas. We have fishermen who are wet wading, unheard of around these parts.

The king salmon run has been historic too- historically low so far. Quite a bit of effort was expended this week in fishing for kings.

While some nice fish were caught, every one has required a lot of work. Some boats experienced very little success.

Back-trolling and casting Vibrax spinners have been the best techniques. Fly fishers have only caught jacks.

Fellow guide Karl Baird with a nice king salmon.

The sockeyes are just beginning to filter in. I expect we’ll be fishing hard for them next week.

I brought Larry, Matthew, and Andrew up into the Braids yesterday, where we fly fished for rainbow trout and grayling. Lodge policy prevents me from posting photos of guests, so I have to share file photos. But we got some beautiful fish, on articulated leeches and egg-sucking leeches.

My guests next week are from Brasil. Tudo bem!

That’s this week’s Independence Day Alagnak River Fishing Report! Thanks for reading!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

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