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alaska photoPink salmon fill the 108 Creek on Prince of Wales Island.

My Favorite Alaska Photos

This Alaska Photo Essay contains my favorite photos from the ten summers I’ve spent (so far) in Alaska.

“Count your blessings.” While actually doing just that, I realized how fortunate I was to have spent those ten summers working in Alaska. My debt of gratitude to Bob Stearns for recommending me and to Mike Gorton at the Goodnews River Lodge for hiring me back in 2007 is tremendous. I could never thank either of them enough.

For that matter I owe many thanks to Kevin Ryter at the Lodge at Whale Pass, where the last three summers were spent. Both places have filled me with awesome memories of people and places, landscapes and wildlife. I am a blessed individual!

In ten years lots of images were taken. Narrowing all of them down the three photos per year for a total of thirty that appear in this essay was difficult. The things I do for my readers!

Please take a moment to peruse. Feedback is welcome.

alaska photoThis waterlogged four-foot-long log put up an epic battle on Willie’s eight-weight. The fly pattern was not recorded, sadly.


alaska photoTyler Williams looks over the Goodnews River valley from the peak of an extinct volcano called Tsuktulig.


alaska photoA TransNorthern Airways DC-3 approaches the runway in Goodnews Bay.


alaska photoSea stars in a tidal pool on Indian Creek, Prince of Wales Island.


alaska photoRick Ross, a true personality in Goodnews Bay before his untimely death.


alaska photoThe technical weather window at Yute Airways world headquarters in Bethel.


alaska photoSouth fork, Goodnews River.


alaska photoMaking an early morning baggage run on the Goodnews River.


alaska photoRodney Smith wanted me to take him to catch a rainbow trout. Mission accomplished!


alaska photoSon Alex looks over the Goodnews River from Tsuktulig.


alaska photoRoss looks over the south fork of the Goodness River.


alaska photoMichaela Chloe on Tsuktulig.


alaska photoSon Maxx on Lookout Mountain, looking over the Goodnews River valley.


alaska photoMe, Judy Uhde, Ross.


alaska photoM/V Thorne is dwarfed by the LeConte Glacier face.


alaska photoChuck holds a fat, fly-caught king salmon, Goodnews River.


alaska photoJim Vinalyk and a high flying silver salmon at the Swallows, Goodnews River.


alaska photoJacob’s ladder grows in the Goodnews River valley.


alaska photoHumpback whales feeding in the Clarence Strait.


alaska photoA glorious, fish-filled afternoon on the Goodnews River.


alaska photoJim Vinalyk fly casting on the Goodnews River.


alaska photoSon Alex battles a silver salmon on the Goodnews River.


alaska photoNotice the tiny speck of M/V Etolin, a 24 foot vessel with kayaks on the roof, in the lower right corner of this photo of the LeConte Glacier.


alaska photoThe Devil’s Thumb looms over fishing vessels near Petersburg, Alaska.


alaska photoI taught Christian Ontaje how to tie a bunny leech. This king salmon is the first fish he caught on his first fly.


alaska photoBrown bear eating a chum salmon, Goodnews River.


alaska photoPaddling a kayak next to an iceberg near the LeConte Glacier.


alaska photoDr. Jenny on the bow of the M/V Blashke, near the LeConte Glacier.


alaska photoMr. Bill fights a jumping silver salmon on the middle fork of the Goodness River.


alaska photoA float plane takes off near the mouth of the LeConte Fiord.


And that is my Alaska photo essay, ten summers in Alaska. Thank you for your time!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski