A Quick Econlockhatchee River Fishing Report

Thank you for reading this Econlockhatchee River fishing report.

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FISHING! Not much this week I’m afraid.

A pastoral scene on the St. Johns.

SUNday morning I took the official sister of Capt. John out to see alligators in the Bang-O-Craft. The water body was the St. Johns River. We went upriver from SR 50. The gators were thick, as I expected.

One of many.

We went as far as the powerlines, where we got out to stretch our legs. A trio of turkeys flew right over to us like they were expecting handouts.

Was never approached by turkeys before.

When we got back in the boat a problem developed.

Another of many.

The Bang-O-Craft is powered by an 8 HP Mercury, 2003 vintage, with a pull start. When I pulled, the pull cord got caught between the flywheel and the cord windup spring mechanism. I did not have any tools. [note to self- do not make that mistake again]

Third and last one for today.

There were six guys there trying to net Plecostamus (They eat them). They had a small johnboat with a Mariner 8- same motor! But they did not have the tools I needed either. So I did what any red-blooded American male would do. I called my wife and asked her to bring me my socket set. The road through Tosahatchee ends under the powerline, right where we were sitting.

Susan showed up a while later. I disassembled the top of the motor, used my mooring line to start the Merc, and we were on our way.

Monday was not a chamber of commerce day. One of the things I did was rewind the spring mechanism and put the Mercury back together.

Wednesday Susan had retirement meetings all day. I accompanied her.

Thursday morning I launched a kayak at Snow Hill Road on the Econlockhatchee. The gauge was at 2 feet. The river was running low and clear, just how I like it.

There was no one home.

My plan was to just fish for sunfish, knowing I’d pick up a few bass that would hit the sunfish bug. I was wrong.

Four hours of casting netted me four stumpknockers and one small redbelly. The river was as lifeless as I’ve ever seen it. I saw only two bass, four turtles, and zero alligators.

Ordinarily I would get sick of catching sunfish and put a larger bug on, hoping to cull them out while I concentrated on bass. This day I could hardly catch anything. Mind you, conditions were perfect.

Ordinarily you see lots of fish in the Econ- sunfish, bass, catfish sometimes, gar, Plecostamus, loads of fry minnows. This day I saw a few fish, but nothing like I should. No fry minnows! There’s some serious concern about the river at this end.

I used to catch fish like this almost every trip. Now it’s hard to get a stumpknocker!?

The kayak was already on the car roof so I was going to try to get out on Friday. Rain and lightning in the morning made me quickly change that plan!

That’s this week’s Econlockhatchee River Fishing Report! Thanks for reading!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski



Former baseball umpire, now fishing guide. Graduate of the University of Arizona.

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