John Kumiski, Mosquito Lagoon


Blowing Winds Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

A small craft advisory was posted Thursday (for Brevard coastal waters) until at least Sunday. So we have a blowing winds Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report.

Last week I asked, Did the storms and the rising water cause all the fish to move? As anyone might have guessed, the answer to that question was yes, and no. Such is fishing. Explanation below.

Sunday afternoon found me at the local bass pond again, this time with fly rod in hand. The shoreline vegetation (tall cat-o-nine tails) and blustery winds made fishing challenging. Two bites in four hours yielded two very modestly-sized largemouth bass, one on a small popper and one on a streamer. Maybe I need a new pond…

mosquito lagoon fishing report

Tom’s best trout of the day.

Monday morning Tom Van Horn joined me for some Mosquito Lagoon scouting. I was looking for an answer to the question posed last week! All the fish were gone from the first spot.

mosquito lagoon fishing report

Fish on!

They may have all moved to the second. We found a couple hundred redfish there. However, we did not get a bite. We did not work it very hard, though, since we were scouting.

mosquito lagoon fishing report

This fish was tailing. Tom nailed the cast.

The third spot had some nice trout lying in sandy potholes. We found a tailing red and Tom, casting brilliantly in the now breezy conditions, convinced it to eat his DOA CAL jerkbait.

We tried two more spots, caught a few fish at both. So the fish moved from some spots, and stayed at others. Altogether a beautiful and productive day, spent with a fine human being!

Driving over the Max Brewer bridge in Titusville lately I have been saying to myself, “You haven’t been out on the Indian River Lagoon in a long time. You need to check it out.” Tuesday Kevin Linehan and I did just that. All the grass is gone. There were very few fish. I do not need to check it again, maybe ever. Heartbreaking.

mosquito lagoon fishing report

Fish on!

Wednesday Capt. Paul Darby, fly fisher and raconteur, joined me for a day on Mosquito Lagoon. I would like to report that we caught fish all day long. That would be a rather large exaggeration, however. We saw fish more or less all day long. The wind was not our friend, and we only got a single redfish. Still, one is so many more than none!

mosquito lagoon fishing report

Capt. Paul and his redfish.


mosquito lagoon fishing report

While Paul makes spoon flies, he got this one on a Clouser Minnow.


mosquito lagoon fishing report

Nice tail!

Mr. Darby makes (among lots of other things) spoon flies. They are very nice, and he says very durable. See photo…

mosquito lagoon fishing report

I lost Thurday’s and Friday’s trips because of the wind. After getting home Friday I got on the bicycle and went to the Econlockhatchee. Wasn’t I surprised to see TJ Bettis and his friend Todd, who had also ridden bicycles to the river! And they were using fly rods in spite of the 25 mph wind. I hope they did better than my one small bass and one small spotted gar. At least I got out, and if you weren’t trying to fish the weather was gorgeous.

Apparently the wind will continue through Sunday. Last time I checked the small craft advisory lasts until then.

That is the blowing winds Mosquito Lagoon fishing report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski