Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Thank you for reading this Mosquito Lagoon fishing report.

In what seems to be a trend, I got out kayak fishing two days this week, and took the bride out to the lagoon on a non-fishing trip for a day, too.

Battling the beast.

While paddle fishing Monday I got two slot reds on the redfish worm. Both fish had their backs out of the water, which is so dirty it’s the only way I could have seen them.

Red on redfish worm.

I tied up some redfish worms with plastic eyes, trying to reduce the landing splash. The fish are skittish.

Red on plastic eye redfish worm.

Testing those flies on Wednesday I got one redfish and one black drum, which surprised me. Both fish were tailing. Two-fish days seems to be becoming the norm. Better than no fish days!

Black drum on brown plastic eye redfish worm.

Friday was a no fish day. I didn’t fish. We just took the bang-o-craft to a spoil island, set up a couple beach chairs, and dozed for three hours. I thought it a great use of my time!

The water is low.

“If you introduce kids to fishing, they become good citizens.” -Rex Hunt

Life is great and I love my work!

Every day is a blessing. Don’t waste it- Go Fishing!

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