This fish, from this day fishing with Terry Tomalin. One of about 20 I caught in a short trip.

My new book:   Kayak Fishing, by Neil Taylor

On sale for $15.  Shipped:  $19 per copy.  Good pricing:   Black and white.    For color it would have been a cost of 4.5 times more so I figured black and white was fine.     Future printings I may do some in color, more than anything to see how it looks.    Since I am publishing twice more soon, Amazon is being pretty nice to me.

Want it mailed?   Send a check to me for $19 to 2813 State Road 590, Clearwater 33759.   Indicate the address to mail the book to and it will be on its way.

The most complete kayak fishing book ever published.     What I teach:  It’s in the book.    For the price, a bargain for the lessons you will get.    Past client?   This will be a reminder of a lot of what I taught you your day on the water, plus other lessons I didn’t get to.   Did your picture get in the book?  For a lot of you the answer is going to be yes.

The dedication:  To my mother.    She was pretty surprised by that but seemed to be very happy about it.  My mother is making a big change.   Leaving her home of 48 years to return to her original home.     Her two sisters still there, this should be a good move for her.   She wants me to rewrite the beginning.   Always a good editor, I told her:   I struggle with the beginning.   I don’t want to come on too strong.    I’ll take her suggestions and edit for future editions.

The end:  Mel Berman articles on kayak fishing.   Mel and I ended up pretty close.   He got his 81 years in.    I still hold a tournament in his name, in it’s ninth year.    Mel was the Godfather of fishing Tampa Bay.   Everyone knew him, even people who don’t fish.   The dedication of my second book, “Fishing Tampa Bay,” will be to Mel.    Mel and I became friends.    His last three years alive, every time on stage for a major seminar, Mel had me standing next to him.

Are you interested in kayak fishing?   Get your answers here.   What is an anchor trolley?     Why should I use a kayak for fishing?

I showed it to a few select people for feedback.    Here is what they had to say:

“Neil created a bible for kayak fishing.    It’s all in there.   What he teaches on the water, he put in print.    This book could sell for $100 and it would be worth it.    If you are in to the sport, you need to have the book.”

“I got a sneak preview, an honor.    This is very well done, complete information.    This is a How To for the kayak angler but for any angler there is value in the lessons taught here.     Neil is definitely a teacher.    Neil knows kayaks.   Neil knows fishing.     I will be buying about ten copies to give to my fishing pals.”

“I am fortunate to have been connected with Neil Taylor for so long.    Watching his progress.    He told me about a kayak fishing book ten years ago.    He was working on it then.     In 2018, he got serious about finishing it.    I was fortunate.    Neil trusted my opinion and I saw his book before anyone elses’ eyes did.   There is no question:   It is the best kayak fishing book ever put out there.     No one teaches what Neil teaches.    He put it in the book.    For fourteen years, these lessons were reserved for his customers.     If you are a fisherman and you don’t buy this book, there’s something wrong with you.   Neil is a good teacher.   He is a talented communicator.     That’s why he and Mel made a good team.     Neil has produced a true winner.    This book is pure gold for all future generations to enjoy.”

“This one, I was waiting for.    Not disappointed in the wait.     So well organized.   So much information.    All those things he already taught me, in a reminder in the book.   All these other things he didn’t teach me that are in the book:   This completes my life.”

“I have known Neil Taylor for 24 years.     He sent me a digital copy of his book, mostly to look for errors, but he wanted to know what I think.   Well, as a guy who only fishes from a kayak:   This is the new bible for kayak fishing.     Complete.     Think about it.    Neil’s work all the time is fun to read.   Neil spent nine years on this?    How good is it going to be?     So, who will realize it.   It doesn’t matter.     Neil doesn’t care if no one buys his book.   But that’s not going to happen.   Neil is going to have to fill orders for this book for twenty years.    It is that good.    Sorry:  But if you don’t like Neil Taylor, you aren’t welcome anyway.    Neil is talent.   Neil is genuine.   Neil is fishing.   Neil is, more than anything:   Truth.   He wouldn’t have published it if it wasn’t worth it.   To you.    I don’t care if you buy it.   I know what it is.    It is what came out of Neil’s head:  On kayak fishing.     From the guy who sat in a plastic boat more hours than anyone on Earth the last 15 years.      If that isn’t worth mentioning?? “

The next book:   Fishing Tampa Bay.   It is complete.   I will publish sometime next month.

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
Neil Taylor

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