November 30, 2011 By Neil Taylor

The Safety Harbor, FL company have addressed multiple needs in the paddling and paddle fishing industry.    As their company name suggests, they build racks for holding kayaks and paddleboards for many purposes for storage or transport of your watercraft.    Micah and Stan Sieder came up with the ideas and it evolved into something that is very utilitarian for a lot of people who hold a paddle, store, sell or rent kayaks and paddleboards.   The versatility of their product is something that can be a rack that will attach to a trailer, to fixed wall mounts for garages, docks, kayak shop displays to uses for rolling racks on casters for mobility as well as rolling loaders for assistance in getting your kayak onto your vehicle or trailer.   In the evolution of their designs, emphasis was placed on the concept of solo “loading and unloading” kayaks safely and easily.

Tested, tough and durable
Their materials have been put to the stress tests and have passed and, better yet, “over-achieved” in some extreme treatment.    The designs meet legal requirements for on the road, incorporate the ease for loading and unloading and will stand up to heavy use.  They are aluminum so they are lightweight and can be handled with ease.  The frame and arms are welded creating superior strength, to easily hold the weight of your kayaks.

The arms of the rack are an ideal length.   For kayaks that are going on a rack that will be attached to a trailer, it would be wise to get the custom end caps for the arms that will provide a stop for the strap to hold it to the arm for wider boats that push the edges of the limits of the arms.  For safety, there is nothing jagged or protruding to cut or injure the users on the Kayrack products or damage the boats.

The products:

· The Kayrack- Available in 2, 4, 6 0r 8 kayak systems

· Aluminum kayak wall racks

· Upright paddleboard racks

· The Bulk Roller.    Designed for bulky, wide beam kayaks, the team have done days and days of research and development for loading boats with a roller “assistance” and going from cart to “receiver”.    They offer custom work but their roller system will receive pretty much every kayak that exists.
See this video on the Bulk Roller

The applications:

The Kayrack products allow flexibility in choosing how you use them and can be utilized in multiple ways.  Mount a kayracks wall rack on your dock for storage of your kayaks with the ability to lock your boats to the rack or dock.   Condo associations on the water would benefit from Kayracks products to give their residents an easy storage option.   Garage or side yard spaces are perfect for mounted or mobile storage of kayaks or paddleboards using a Kayrack wall rack or multipurpose rack.

U-Bolt mounting allows for easy removal and mobility.  The rack can go in the garage, yard, on the dock but easily bolt to the trailer.    The trailer, a separate component, can be used for other chores because the Kayrack is removable.

Kayrack pads are an option and designed to fit the Kayrack bars and are available in red, blue or black.  Pads give a soft surface for the boats to rest on and assist in a solid strapdown.
Kayrack straps are another tool and work much better than ratchet straps or rope.   The strap ends feed into the buckle and the straps can be tightened down to the right tension.
Kayrack end caps are custom pieces that can be chosen for your rack arms.   This is a great choice because it provides something to hold the strap tightly to the Kayrack arm for watercraft that take up most of the rack arms.

The materials, durability and the hand craftsmanship will provide you with something that you will enjoy for much longer than something you build yourself.   The Sieder’s stand behind their product and have been enjoying all the positive feedback from the clients who have been using their rack systems.

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