Lower Tampa Bay, Neil Taylor


Down south it is back to great opportunities again.   Several months of red tide made it a place to avoid.   That is long gone.

Flounder?  Not yet.   But it has been so warm so early in the year, it won’t be long.  Mackerel:  Not yet but that will happen any day now.  When it gets good, it should be easy to find BIG mackerel.

Pompano:  I’ve heard that they are around but we haven’t connected.

Redfish, yes, but not like it used to be.  I’m not sure I understand what is going on with redfish.    Conversations with local captains, there is a concern that the offshore breeding school was affected by the red tide.  If that is the case, redfish should be considered for some extra protection.

The trout action has been pretty solid.  It has been pretty easy to get on a good trout bite.

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