Mirrodine 17MR


originally posted to Pro Angler’s Journal

Over the years I have field tested and reported on dozens of quality hard baits… but the one plug that has gained my respect the most is the Mirrodine 17MR.  This little compact suspending twitch bait is absolutely perfect for fishing shallow water and allows my clients to catch trout, redfish, and snook with just one lure… I call it the “Slam Bait” on my boat!

The Mirrodine’s appearance is a wide body profile that perfectly imitates a small scaled sardine (green back), pogy, or shad… really the ultimate “match the hatch” hard bait.  When you work the bait with short, sharp twitches, it darts frantically side to side mimicking a distressed bait fish… that rings the dinner bell for all predator species!  Another fish appealing trait the Mirrodine possesses is a subtle rattle… this low frequency sound helps redfish and big trout zero in on the injured bait, especially the big trout.  If I’m fishing anywhere along the Gulf coast (Texas to Florida) or even up the east coast to North Carolina, I have a plastic tackle box with a variety of these Mirrodines ready to go!

The Mirrodine can be used on casting or spinning gear (2.5”/ ¼ oz.) and features stainless steel hardware, extra strong hooks, and signature 3D red eyes.  But what I find very attractive about all the Mirrolure baits is that the finish is encased in a tough heat-cured plastic body… allowing for season after season of fish catching service.

There truly is no wrong way to fish a Mirrodine… it’s tremendous for targeting fish in 0’ to 3’ depths using the twitch, twitch, pause cadence but I also do quite well straight cranking the Mirrodine around dock lights for snook and trout at night!   If I had to recommend a few colors to my Flats Class fans, they would include the 21, 26, 49, & EC (electric chicken) for most clear shallow grass flats; the 808 & new 50 for the backcountry areas… and let’s not forget the S (silver) color for those aggressive dock light fish.

Try a Mirrodine on your next fishing excursion and don’t be surprised when this little bait produces big-time results!

Keep’em Bent

Captain CA Richardson