“It Pops! It Walks! MirrOlure’s NEW surface lure, the Poppa Mullet™, offers two very effective top water actions. First, Poppa Mullet achieves a walk-the-dog action with ease. Second, you can easily fish this lure with a popping action. Both are equally effective on gator Trout, huge Redfish and trophy Snook.”

I first got a look at this lure in April 2016.   I put it into action shortly thereafter.   I always use lures before I let the clients use them.     I caught fish on my first three casts so immediately handed that rod to a client for them to use the lure.

Pop1The difference in lure choices is apparent here.    From other topwater lures, this option is actually a great choice.    I get “jiggers arm” from throwing topwater lures.   Working topwater lures can wear you out after a while.   With this design you do not want to “overwork” this lure, therefore you are not going to wear yourself out as fast.

The lure is very attractive in the water.  It spits small splashes of water with every jab of the rod tip.   It puts out the appropriate amount of noise.    Rod tip high, rod tip low:  It doesn’t matter, the action of this lure is very good.    Keep good control of the lure and make shorter jabs.  The lure does all the work for you.

The size of the lure, in my opinion, is ideal.   Less bulk than the Dog series lures, it is not small either.    I had talked to Eric in the past about the size of lures.  He created one that I not only like but may actually prefer.

I still enjoy my Top Dog Jr and Top Pup lures but I have been throwing the Poppa Mullet more often than those lures since I got it.

Another winner from the Mirrolure series of lures, if you don’t have one of these, you need to go get one.    They have been made available in the best colors.   My first choice?   Speckled Trout.


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