Mosquito Lagoon, John Kumiski


The wind just won’t quit. This is a mediocre week Mosquito Lagoon fishing report.

It still blew like snot most of the week, especially at the end of it.

Ian Clemens and his friend Rick joined me for some Mosquito Lagoon fishing. Those guys worked it hard, tossing both DOA CAL Shad and RipTide Sardines. Rick also had his own supply of “flukes”, on which he got several fish. They got 30 or so trout to about 24 inches, although many were short. Ian also managed a single black drum. We saw very few redfish. Still, action was pretty steady.

Ian with his black drum, the biggest fish of the week.

Monday afternoon Terry Roe and his grandson Luke joined me for Round 2! By now the wind was up and the fish were not as cooperative. They managed a dozen fish, all trout, none particularly large, although most were in the slot.

Luke got his self a fish!

Newcastle England flycaster Dave Swan and his two lads, Ben and Matthew, joined me after detouring all around Florida because of smoke-closed roads. Amazingly there was hardly any wind! I didn’t know what to do!

Out of the gate we found a huge mass of redfish. Wasn’t I surprised! It was all for naught though. We could not get near them, did not get a shot, did not get a bite, and left them in a state of frustration.

Ben with the morning’s only fish.

We got a single trout all morning. The boys were wonderfully patient.

Running south there was a puff of smoke and a burst of flame from the Space Center. A rocket launch! I shut off the boat and we watched the launch. Talk about a day saver!

Matthew got a few, too. These boys were more patient than most adults, just great!

The afternoon wasn’t great but anything would be better than the morning. We ended up with a dozen trout or so, and a single lonely ladyfish.

Paul Berube, a fly fisher from Fort Kent, and his friend Al, found themselves in Spotted Tail. The wind was back and I figured the redfish might not be there. There were a few, and they let us a little closer to them than the previous morning, but it was early and they weren’t tailing. We ran over a few, they spooked the rest, and we had the same result as the previous day. Again, we got only a single trout all morning.

There was no launch to bail me out this time.

I found another school of redfish and chased them around for 30 minutes before losing them. Again we did not get a shot.

Al from Fort Kent worked hard all day for this one fish.

We fished hard all afternoon and came up with one more trout. Ouch. It was a really tough day.

Tammy met me at the Port. Every boat in central Florida appeared to be there- the parking lot was completely full! The forecast was wind SE at 5-10. The weatherman pranked us again.

We got out, made about a 1/2 mile loop, and went right back in again. Too rough already, and if it gets worse….

We went to Mosquito Lagoon. The wind did get much worse. We fished three spots, got four trout at the second, and that was it. The lagoon was covered in whitecaps when we left.

That is a mediocre week Mosquito Lagoon fishing report!

I’d like to thank everyone who fished with me this week.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski