Life’s successes are not measured by the value of your home or the size of one’s bank account, but by the rewards one receives through life’s accomplishments. We are not born into success and it cannot be inherited. True success in life only come through hard work, dedication, determination, devotion and passion. These qualities are essential to succeed in business, in life, and in love. This past week, I was drawn away from the water to celebrate my 62nd birthday and on May 10th my 36th year of marriage to my lovely wife Sandi. Our endeavors in life are rewarded with love, enthusiasm, friendship, loyalty, and happiness, and have provided for a joyful time in my life.

This morning I awoke at my usual time, 4am, to the sound of a chuck-wills-widow, southern whip-poor-will, calling from the darkness outside my backdoor. Stepping out into my backyard to let the dogs out, I took notice of a stiff southerly breeze and the smell of much needed rain.  As I stepped out into the backyard and the raindrops grew heaver on my face, I took a moment and said a prayer thanking the Lord for the rain and the many blessing in my life.

The chuck-wills-willow are a true sign of summer here in Central Florida and our shift into summertime fishing patterns on the lagoons, near-shore waters along the beaches and in the rivers and lakes as the rainy season commences and the rivers rise.  Although the rain we received was minimal, the water gauges on both the St Johns River near Geneva and the Haulover Canal showed slight but welcome increases. Water levels on the lagoons have been elevated without the rain over the past few weeks providing easier access into the backwaters.  In addition, the high pressure weather ridge situated over Central Florida for the past several weeks may be shifting away taking the strong southerly fetch with it.  All conditions combined, it’s looking like we may be finally receiving some great fishing weather by Tuesday next week.

Although the wind has been howling this past few weeks, both the sea trout and redfish bite has been good and should only get better once the wind settles down.  In addition, calmer seas will facilitate easier access for blue water anglers to the dolphin run, and the kingfish should me moving in close. These settling conditions will also finally allow me to slip outside for some long anticipated near-shore action which I for one have been waiting for.

If you are looking for something to do tomorrow because it’s too windy to fish, I could use some help with a Hook Kids on Fishing program in Orlando, and on Sunday I will be conducting a panfish seminar at 2pm at the Bass Pro Shop in Palm Bay, Florida.

As always, if you need further information, have any questions or would like to book a charter, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn

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