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By Neil Taylor, endorsed guide with Native Watercraft
Owner and administrator and Strike Three Kayak Fishing

Why carry when you can “roll with it?”

The Smart Cart is a custom tool for the Ultimate, Slayer and Mariner owners.  A kayak cart is something everyone is going to need at one time or another, usually for covering the longer distances between the vehicle and the water “put in”.   The advantage of the Native Watercraft Smart Cart is that it is configured to work on the unique hulls of the Native watercraft.   Standard carts are not great options for these boats.

Available in two options, these carts are designed to work on the individual boats in the Native product line.  There is the Ultimate Smart Cart and the Multisport Smart Cart.   The Ultimate cart is designed specifically for the tunnel hull for that one model.   From the Native web site:
“The Multisport Transport Cart is specifically designed for the unique hull shapes of the Multisport series. The cart features a base that slides under the hull and up through the drive trunk. This cart provides stable transport from the car to the water and easily collapses to be stored in your kayak while on the water.”  The Multisport cart is the one you will utilize if you have theMariner or the new Slayer Propel watercraft.

The Smart Cart I have been using is the one for the Ultimate, Native’s most popular fishing boat.   My Mariner:  I have limited to use in areas where I unload right next to the water.   If I was inclined to use that craft in more places, I would get the Multisport cart immediately!

Over several years of use, the cart has handled all the uneven terrain I’ve used it on- broken pavement, gravel, mud or grass. It doesn’t have an excessive axle clearance so large roots or rocks may pose a challenge (and a time to utilize the tie-down straps).  It rolls well in packed sand to slightly loose sand. The black hub of the Multisport cart is a nice feature, holding the watercraft in place without using the straps.

The weight of the Mariner what it is, this is an item that most of those owners are going to want to get.  If you take excessive amounts of weight on your Mariner, carry some of those larger items down separately so you don’t test the strength of the axle.   For the Ultimate, the cart is going to facilitate “one trip” on those longer distances from the car to the water. The added weight of your gear actually helps to hold the cart exactly in place without utilizing the straps.   The Smart Cart can easily break down for storage on the craft during your time on the water.

A very useful tool, the durability has been excellent.   I have done minimal maintenance but have put the unit through the saltwater elements repeatedly.    I have used the garden hose to clean the unit after it has contacted mud and salt water.   I have routinely disassembled the unit to also do some cleaning, which is fast and easy.  The cart breaks down as easily as it sets up and can be stored right back in the casing so that it takes up the least amount of space.

Check your local Native dealer for this item.  If they do not have it, they should be able to order it.

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Neil Taylor

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