The month of August on the Big Bend can have some very exciting fishing for anglers who can handle the heat. The first true schools of redfish will enter the scene around the full moon. On calm days it’s easy to tell the difference between mullet dimpling the surface and a full on “push” of big redfish making their way east from a shallow flat. I like if possible to let them settle in at a key before casting baits at them. The reason is if they are pressured on a flat they become harder to track as the incoming tide makes the water deep. Once the school settles into a key they will usually hold there much longer then your casting arm can handle! Another fun fish to catch that is also great eating are mangrove snapper. They tend to hang around high profile rocks, channel markers and I’ve even caught nice keepers on rocky shorelines around the keys. Free lined live shrimp or fresh shrimp on a 1/8 oz. chartreuse jighead is the best bait. Scalloping is also best this month because they are at their peak in size and school has started back, some anglers are focusing on the upcoming archery season so there are less people on the water. High incoming tide this weekend will be early morning or late evening with a midday low just right for scalloping.