Looking at some significant cooler weather this weekend and that can change up the way we’ve been fishing earlier in the week. Strong north winds can blow out most of our inshore waters to some treacherous rocky shallow motor destroying depths. So how does an angler get their fishing fix? Well lucky for us there are many deep rivers up and down the Big Bend that have fish, shelter and safe channels. It’s been cool enough to send redfish, snook, trout, black drum, sheepshead and mangrove snapper to look for warm water. Live shrimp on the bottom is the best bait.  Each river has its own characteristics, from spring fed to deep and rocky. The deep stretch near the mouth of the Stienahachee River is well known for catching winter trout. Homosassa and Crystal Rivers are well known for winter snook fishing. Even feeder creeks that run off of our major rivers have their own unique structure and fish to catch. Our tides this week end will be low and lower with incoming tide at dark in the morning and dark in the evening.  W