In my line of work I am very fortunate, blessed and work hard at what I do. To be able to spend most my waking hours outside has helped me be able to see some exceptional wildlife on the Big Bend. Over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed some cool stuff on the water and land that I feel is only because us “humans” have had less of an impact on the environment then I can remember in my life. One thing is noise, it’s so quiet.  Jets are less frequent in the sky, traffic hum is non existent. I know this won’t last forever but it’s necessary and in my own strange way the fish. fowl and fur like it to. Heck’ I even had a wild hen turkey at my boat yard near the river in down town Homosassa.  Trout are out at the 8 foot mark near the Foul Area. Redfish are eating live pinfish north of the Homosassa River and gold spoons south of the river. A few triple tail are showing up on the nearshore buoys. Offshore keep an eye out for cobia heading north. Incoming high tide will be in the afternoon this Saturday and Sunday is Easter. Capt. William Toney