Looking at a very busy weekend because of our July 4th holiday and the opening of scallop season. I’m going to divert from my traditional fishing report to talk about boat safety. It starts with having all the USCG required in the vessel before you leave the dock. On the way out of the coastal rivers be sure to have everyone on board seated and if it becomes congested in a narrow channel slow down, wait for there to be enough space between boats to resume speed. Boats do not have brakes! On the scallop grounds slow down to an idle speed and have someone be a look out for people in the water when you approach the fleet. Yes some snorkelers do stray to far from their vessels and that’s breaking the law but running them over would be tragic.  Something I do while in the water looking for scallops is to swim into the current. This allows me to see into the turtle grass because with the current bends it over and swimming into the current make it easier to return to the vessel because it will help carry you back. I’ve had folks decide not to use fins and get tired quickly without the help of fins. Another way to find more scallops is to swim in a grid like pattern to make sure your not hovering over the same spot. We will have a incoming tide during most of the day with outgoing mid afternoon. Have fun and be safe. Happy Fourth of July.