One of the things that I’ve experienced the last three months is it has not been as easy to find supplies such as hooks, tackle, line etc…What has helped me stay ahead is the local tackle shops and bait houses that are all over the Biog Bend. Having a working relationship with them can help you as an angler out in many ways. Local knowledge and Intel get passed around, they keep what baits are working good for area waters in stock and will custom order supplies for you. Calling ahead if you need live bait can also be a perk if you develop a relationship. Just wanted to say Thank You to our Big Bend Tackle and Bait Shops.  Looking forward to a holiday weekend the morning low tide will be the best best to get out and get some late season scallops. I had some this past weekend, will say they were big as I’ve ever seen them. Incoming tide is best for redfish and live shrimp, pinfish and gold spoons are the best bait, Snook are on the points or heavy mangrove overhangs and bite best on the high outgoing.  Mangrove snapper are on most any structure from 3 to 10 feet and biting live shrimp on a chartreuse 1/8 oz. jighead. The gag grouper bite has move in some and starts at 18 feet. High incoming tide will be in the afternoon this Labor Day weekend. 

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