Nature Coast, William Toney


To try to describe this rain filled weekend and half way through the week would be that we need the water. I can remember that when I was young, fishing in ditches or retention ponds ( in Citrus County) most of them had bass and bream and now they are nothing but grassy embankments. I believe that our area uses to much water and a big rain like we just had will only carry us so far.

 The rain cooled water helped with the inshore trout bite. The best areas have been Bird Island in Chassahowitzka, North Channel and around the mouth of St. Martins River. Popping corks with live shrimp or the pin fish resistance D.O.A. 3″ Shrimp in near clear.  Red fishing again is up and down with the tides. I’ve have some very good days with double digit numbers and then on the next day struggle to put three keepers in the boat. It is just the time of year and I have always caught more red fish in August then June or July. Depending on the tide or conditions of the day I will have shrimp, pin fish, MirrOlure LiL’ Johns and Eppinger Rex Spoons to make things happen. I always target western faceing points with good incoming tide and it really makes me happy when there are some mullet jumping on the target area.
 The best action is the nearshore rocks with the mangrove snapper bite. Free lined live shrimp over the structure with 1/0 Owner circle hooks will put these tasty fish in the box. I free line with a open bail and watch for the ” pick up” when the line starts flying off the spool, then I will reel down to hook the fish. The incoming tides will be day light early or late evening this weekend so get some scallops after sleeping in and having a nice family breakfast. I like scrambled eggs and bacon! W