A good push of Cobia are making their way through the Big Bend. After a week of windy weather, this weekend should be prime time to head out in search of them. Starting at 8 feet all the way out to 20 look at all your high profile rocks, wrecks and markers. The best bait is a live pinfish. I also like a 10 ” Hogy  rigged up on a heavy spinning outfit for sight casting to surface cruising fish. Cobia on the inshore can be sub legal but a fun fight on light tackle intended for trout. The cobia I see are usually on the backs of big sting rays. Sometimes jack crevalles will shadow them but a cobia will appear much longer and darker. A well placed cast will get the bite with whatever jig was intended for trout. On occasion it could be a keeper fish, this month and next the 33″ fork length in state waters will be a keeper fish but this will change July 1st to 36″. For more current info please check all regulations at www.myfwc.com High incoming tide will be midday this weekend with a full moon.

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