As far as I’m concerned we have entered some of the best trout fishing of the year. Spring is when the largest female trout will gather on the shallow rocky points and bars to do some pre spawning and sun in the shallow depths. Incoming tide is best and a slow approach is the best way to catch multiple fish from one location. My favorite bait is a D.O.A. 5.5 ‘’” glow jerk bait nosed hooked with a 3/0 owner hook. The other side of trout fishing is on the near shore rocks and what has been forever called the Foul Area. I will not give up this location because I’m sure if you are an avid angler with buddies who fish too, someone will know where it is at. If you are new to the area join one of the local fishing clubs like Nature Coast Anglers and you will gain a wealth of knowledge. In the deeper depth it is more of a jigging type of fishing with good baits like the MirrOlure LiL’ Johns. This is where we as anglers must make conservative decisions on whether to release a over 20” female trout or keep it for the box. I myself is guilty of keeping big trout and if the law allows it, so it go’s but if I have good fish in the box and let that big breeder trout go it’s a good feeling and helps all of us keep a healthy population of trout that the Nature Coast is well known for.
The redfish bite continues to stay good with most fish being caught on the last hour of incoming tide. Shorelines with jumping mullet or that are in the favor of wind direction ( facing south on a south west wind ) are the best places. Snook is now open for harvest and we are about the northern point on the west side of Florida for them. I always call them the lucky by catch when we are red fishing. The ones I have caught this week are on the outside keys. With the water temperatures hitting 70 degrees it’s no surprise just like the 8 foot bull shark we ran across in St. Martins Keys that we swore it was a porpoise. Incoming full moon tide this weekend will start around lunch time. W
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