I think back to the time when I was in my early teens fishing with my uncle’s and dad out in the Bombing Range. This area north west of the St. Martins Keys during the spring was the go to spot for angling action with trout, bluefish, spanish mackerel, sea bass and many others. To find the lures we used at that time today would be hard, some of the favorites were Jerk Jigger’s, Gotcha’s, Trout Touts and Love Lures. My job for the days fishing was to keep little bits of shrimp or mullet cut up to tip our lures with. We use Ambassadors bait casters and I remember carrying a spool of line because some of my backlashes were catastrophic. All the good memories I can’t count, I remember we didn’t have to fill the fish box every trip to have a good time. Don’t get me wrong we caught fish, but that is not what sticks in my mind, its the time with family, crappy motors, bad sun burns and fish frys.

The cool thing about fishing in the Bombing Range this time of year is it’s easy to make some family memories. Head northwest off of marker #8 for 5 to 6 miles from the Homosassa channel to get to the bombing range. Use 1/8th oz. jigheads with dark colored soft plastic or live shrimp to get in on the action and bring some kids. Should be easy to some young anglers being Spring Break. Go out and make some memories. High incoming will be in the afternoon this weekend so after Easter Sunday church skip the egg hunt and go fishing.

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