As hot as it is one fish that sometimes is hard to catch during the middle of summer is sea trout. Trout are low light feeders that have eye’s basically that look straight up. In shallow water during the mid part of the day this could contribute to a slow trout bite especially in hot calm water. 72 degree water in fall and spring can make a shallow water trout bite but during the summer, a windy day ( waves break up the sunlight ) and cloud cover with rain ( cooler water) makes all the difference. One good thing that I’ve seen on the Nature Coast is plenty of rock grass covering the hard bottom.  This could be the game changer on a calm summer day because sea trout will seek refuge under the rock grass that shield’s them from high sunlight and Osprey’s. Although the trout that I’ve been catching in the rock grass has not been fast and furious but they have been nice keepers and keeping me on top of my game when the end of the month will bring in those dropping water temps.

 The redfish bite continues to be good on the incoming tide. Live pinfish has been the best bait. The nearshore rocks are alive with grunts, mangrove snapper, spanish mackerel and other species live or fresh dead shrimp are the best bait. Scalloping continues to be o.k. but having to work to make a limit. Deeper is better. Low tide this weekend for scalloping will be in the morning with a afternoon incoming tide.
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