By Neil Taylor, Kayak Fishing Report

The Kayak Report is back!   It has been a long, hot summer.   Honestly, I’m at that point I get to every August:   I’m ready for it to be over.    I got cooked the past four weeks.    Forecast 92 every day for the next ten days, there is no end in sight but realistically things usually start to “feel” better in September.   Halfway through August, shorter days are coming.

The temperatures have been hot, but so has the fishing!   Get out for the low-light hours and get in on the action!   Beware:  The hot bite early can also die early.   Go at these low light times when the water movement is projected to be good and you stand a good chance of getting in on some great fishing right now.

With more moderate feeding activity, patience has been rewarded with larger fish the past few weeks.   It’s taken more time between strikes but the fish being caught have been impressive.   More and more, the massive weed kills of this time of year have deposited further up shorelines and it has become a little easier to fish the waters without having lures immediately fouled up with weeds.

The trout bite, outstanding at sunrise.   We saw the most amazing activity you can possibly see.     The water was boiling with fish.     Fish caught on every cast for an hour.    Sun came up and the bite just flat out died.    Nothing.    Size:  Good.     Gotta do it early.    Probably an even better bet:  The middle of the night.   Topwater action was the best it’s been in months.

Going deep?   Well that’s what the redfish are doing too.   Contrary to what I’ve been telling people in seminars the past two years: The redfish are more likely to sit in deeper waters right now than they do during the spring, fall and winter.    Pompano, another deep species:  Disappeared after three STRONG months.     Will they come back?  Will they move to the bridges?   Time will tell.     We have some trips planned where we will take a crack at them where they have been.   If it remains slow I will surmise that they have moved for now.

Black drum are still easy.   I just haven’t had the trip requests this year, unusual because most people are interested in hooking a 70 pound fish.     Jigged like pompano, they’re there and the trick is to get them away from the structure.

August 24, Kayak Fishing Skool, the 8th Avenue Pub in Safety Harbor.       New start time, 6PM.   Live music starts at 7 so I’m moving up Skool to a 6PM start.      “Efficiency”   This is a great way to improve your skills.  This is the “do everything better” seminar.    My most popular topic ever.   Great food and drinks.   We had a good group last month and I’d anticipate participation growing every month.

As always, be careful out there!

Neil Taylor
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