Nighttime Kayak Fishing (SP Times)


By Rich Kenda, The St Pete Times

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Many times kayak anglers set out before sunrise and stay after sunset to hit the bite just right. That means the added danger of being run down by boats in the dark. Guide Neil Taylor of Strike Three Kayak Fishing says he never leaves shore without at least this gear to light up himself and his kayak:


Good hands-free way to light the way and see what you’re doing when rigging up and tying knots. Cost: From $16 to $40.


MagLite LED is powerful enough to show the way, or good for signaling an oncoming boat’s driver to your presence. Try to keep it in a dry place as much as possible. Cost: $35.

Lanyard light from Princeton Tec can hang from neck or sit in chest pocket of shirt for quick retrieval. Great for helping to see around the inside of your kayak. Cost: $15.

Clip-on light for the bill of your favorite fishing hat. Keeps you hands-free when fighting and landing that snook. Cost: $14 to $20.

MagLite Mini is a good backup light source. Cost: $12.

Reflective decals or bungees

Many kayak outfitters sell reflective tape or decals for the hulls and some even have bungee or rope with reflective qualities woven in. Cost: Varies.

Of course, with all this lighting equipment, don’t forget to throw the proper size extra batteries in a dry bag.

360-degree light

Scotty’s Sea Light is United States Coast Guard-approved and mounts to the kayak. Depending on conditions, it can be seen from as far as 2 miles away. Both waterproof and corrosion resistant, this light runs up to eight hours on two AA batteries. Because the light is removable, it can be attached to a life jacket as well. Cost: $40.