High daytime temperatures have also kept the water temperatures up in north Pinellas County. The best fishing has occurred in the early morning hours or late in the evening. Mid-day fishing can be productive as well, but you have to adapt to the conditions. Catching live bait still remains a struggle although red tide has subsided for the most part. There are millions of undersize greenbacks on the flats, however, not yet big enough to use. Pinfish are available but not in the same numbers as before the red tide. Snook are still inhabiting some of the beach structures such as rocks or jetties and are starting to make their way through the passes toward the main shore for fall. Many of the larger females are very stubborn, yet the smaller males are still cooperating, eating greenbacks and pinfish if presented correctly. The early morning bite has been best for larger fish, as they are unwilling to expend much energy during the heat of the day. Bridge lights and residential docks are starting to hold snook making their way in from the beaches. Redfish have also been lethargic in the heat of the day. However, the higher tides are typically more productive since fish can seek shelter under the overhanging mangrove limbs as well as residential docks. Cut baits are working well allowing the fish to smell for the food, rather than chasing a live bait in the extremely warm waters. There are still very few trout in the area after the recent red tide episode.Hopefully, as fall approaches, they will return and be as healthy as they were last fall.