Cooler days and blue skies have changed things a bit for fishing in north Pinellas. Snook are definitely feeling the effects of colder nights and are seeking the warmer backcountry waters to stage for the winter months. They will eat less frequently and usually in the afternoon when the water has warmed with the sun. Many anglers will find good success with snook while night fishing under dock and bridge lights where fish ambush unsuspecting baits. Snook tend to eat better at night, yet several other species can be caught at night as well. Trout are often ambushing baits in the lights along with redfish, ladyfish and spanish mackerel. Live shrimp or sardines freelined into the lights and even soft plastic jerkbaits worked through the area will get struck. For daytime action, the larger trout are still moving into St. Joseph Sound around the spoil islands. They seem to be finicky, preferring a specific height of the tide before they get comfortable enough to eat well. Several docks and oyster beds lining the seawalls are holding redfish. The waters have become gin clear in most areas so patience, stealth and light tackle is a must for getting the most hook ups. Sheepshead are a great target species through the winter season. I like to rip a shrimp in half, then thread a smaller #1 circle hook through the piece along with a small split shot. Cast along the rocky bottom around docks and oysters bars. Wait for a steady pull away before reacting. Even a wiley sheepshead can’t resist a piece of shrimp.

Capt. Brian

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