North Pinellas, Capt Stewart Ames


June fisnished strong with snook generally outnumbering redfish on most charters.  Setting up on time tested beach locations for snook was almost gauranteed to produce results if a little patience was employed. On some days, chumming with white bait was needed to trigger a bite.  On others, simply lobbing a large grass grunt up into the strke zone would get the job done. Grunts generally produce the larger fish but, when less active, white bait can ignite a bite.  Often, it is the smaller male fish that come to life first but, snook being snook, once one eats, the chances are better that others will and sometimes these small males are followed by a few larger females. Moving into early July, fishiing low light hours becomes a better solution, due to the heat, so now might be the time to start to focus on pre-dawn and post-dusk time periods to catch a big one.

Redfishing strong tide days has been consistently productive over the last six weeks and it looks as if this action will hold up. Six mid to upper slot fish were the result on the most recent charter. Some work may be required to find fish initially but once a productive area is located, repeatedly working the same shoreline will generally produce fish day after day.  Although there haven’t been any “I’m too tired to catch any more” days, a coupl of hours of fishing has safely yeilded limits and a few charters have produced double digit numbers.  Redfish will be targeted thorughout the rest of the summer, and will become more of a primary target when the beach snook bite slows in the next 4 or 5 weeks. Good luck and good fishing.