North Pinellas, Stewart Ames

Early March fishing picked up in a hurry.  Water temperatures soared to as high as a ridiculous 74 degrees and the fish responded.  Large seatrout remained an absolutely dependable catch with big limits being the start to a normal day. Pinfish, shrimp and whitebait all produced fish.  Artificials were also effective and were used to add a little sport when the fishing was crazy. With March beginning to offer improved tides, redfish became a bit more active and numerous trips produced limits of these hard pulling gamefish as well. Live pinfish seemed to be of particular interest to the redfish over the last few weeks, either presented just off the bottom under a bobber, or split shotted into a pot hole.
As might be expected with 70 degree plus temperatures, backwater snook showed life as well with many smaller fish being caught.  Occassional slot fish were also landed.  Snook fishing can require an extra level of skill at this time of year as fish are often found much closer to structure.  This always makes for a more “interesting” battle as snook are masters at using any available structure to escape.
As of the writing of this report, a major cold front has arrived…ironically, maybe the worst of the winter since it’s mid March. This will certainly put a damper on things for 3- 4 days, but with mid seventies forecast for all of the next week, strong fishing activity should return and, it is likely thatit will just get better from here on out.  Good luck and good fishing.
Captain Stewart Ames

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