The beauty of fishing is that nothing is ever for sure.  It’s May, water temps are 80 degrees and snook are all over the beach. Right? That is the expectation this time of year however snook fishing over the last week has not been on fire.  It appears that these fish have departed their spring haunts, in the backwaters and along inter-coastal spoil islands, yet there do not appear to be big numbers on the beaches yet. Several fish are being caught per trip but work is required.  Many of the larger females move offshore in the winter and spring however and the hope is that, on the next strong tide, due to happen in a few days, that fish volume will increase. Big females will be followed by smaller, more aggressive males so numbers should go up.

Large redfish have been found on almost all recent trips, assuming that tides have been high enough to bring fish to their favorite dining areas. Open flats in St Joseph’s Sound, especially those with mullet activity, have accounted for most of the bigger fish.  Cut pinfish and whole pinfish have been the baits of choice…presented both under bobbers as well as slpit shotted to the bottom. Fishing the mangrove shorelines has also been productive but average fish size has been smaller…fish from 18 to 28 inches being found in these areas.
Big trout fishing is about done for the year although large stray fish can be found…usually when targeting redfish and snook. Mackerel remain on the near shore reefs as well as a few scattered snapper. Moving forward into May, almost all efforts will be focused on snook and redfish.  If the tarpon show in bigger numbers, a few mornings might be spent in pursuit of them.  Good luck and good fishing.

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