August and early September would definitely be considered the “dog days” of our local fishing.  With that said, the beauty of living in Florida is that there is always something to catch.  Inshore, redfish dominate the scene.  Even high eighty degree water doesn’t discourage a redfish from eating so catching them on a day with decent tides is certainly a reasonable expectation…and, on the right day, catching a bunch of fish is possible.  A recent trip yelled 15-20 fish with several in the mid thirties..
Another option, especially on days when tides are weak, is to run out off the beach.  Surprisingly, there are a few quality gag grouper in very shallow water.  Expect to sort through a number of shorts but, with persistence, a keeper or two might be found.  Beyond this, other species such as Spanish mackerel, bonita, mangrove snapper, and shark may also show up.  All of these species were hooked on the last charter and depths never exceeded 34 feet. 
Even better news is the fact that days will shorten and daytime temperatures will start to come down in the next few weeks, which will improve fishing for a variety of species….redfish, snook, snapper, and mackerel all included. Good luck and good fishing.

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