Gag Grouper

Aug. 19, 2019 Suggested Tweet: Gag #grouper fall season opens Sept. 1 in Gulf 4-county region: #Florida #Fishing @MyFWC

Meatheads of the Week

NORTHWEST REGION CASES BAY COUNTY Officers N. Basford and Brady were on water...

The Meatheads of the Week


North Pinellas, Brian Caudill

Several days of rain and cloud cover have cooled the waters a bit in North Pinellas County. Fish are responding on the...

Wintertime Inshore Fishing

Fighting a Fish


Now I Know

Redfish on Fly

Rod Holders, by John Veil

No Room For Messy

From the archives, the departed Terry Tomalin By Terry Tomalin All anglers, from space-challenged kayak...

March 2017: Florida Kayak Fishing Forecast

March 2017 By Neil Taylor and kayak fishing staff contributors Around the state: Most of the state: Never really had a winter.  We have April fishing...

Tampa Bay Kayak Fishing

Fishing 2017, by Neil Taylor

Big Jacks

By Capt. Pat Damico, Fly Fishing Editor  Can you remember the first time you hooked a large Jack Crevalle on a fly? On one of...