Gag Grouper

Aug. 19, 2019 Suggested Tweet: Gag #grouper fall season opens Sept. 1 in Gulf 4-county region: #Florida #Fishing @MyFWC

Meatheads of the Week

NORTHWEST REGION CASES BAY COUNTY Officers N. Basford and Brady were on water...

The Meatheads of the Week


North Pinellas, Brian Caudill

Several days of rain and cloud cover have cooled the waters a bit in North Pinellas County. Fish are responding on the...


Errors Rigging Lures

Does Lure Color Matter?

Live? Artificial?

The Kayak Report, Neil Taylor

By Neil Taylor Finally some winter weather:  The fish will be starved for food, coming out from the creeks and rivers to find more to...

The Kayak Report

Just one report for the middle of August.   My original.    The Kayak Report:  Started because Captain Mel asked me for it.   Mel said it...

Wintertime Florida Fishing

The Kayak Report, 9/30/2016

Good Line Control

The Secret to Success with Artificials  By CAPT. PAT DAMICO Why do the same people consistently catch fish with artificial lures and flies? It can’t...