The fishing in Panama City has been getting better and better each day as the weather begins to warm back up. We were experiencing really warm conditions only to dip back down into the 30’s recently following a cold front that moved through. However, everything is warming back up and the water is extremely clear off the beach. The Spanish Mackerel, Kings, and Cobia will begin showing up this month along with the Pompano and Sheepshead! 

Spanish are a great fish to target when introducing kids or beginner’s to saltwater fishing. They can be caught using several methods and when eating, it’s usually one right after the other offering none stop action! I personally like to use light tackle and cast to feeding schools using a jig or bubble rig. Stop by any local tackle store and they will be glad to hook you up with everything you need. Or give me a call and I’ll be glad to give details on how my clients catch them! 

Most anglers this time of year begin their search for Cobia as the water temps continue to rise. Cobia are targeted with live bait or an assortment of artificial. Boats can be seen slowly cruising up and down the beach with anglers posted in elevated towers or platforms making sighting the fish easier. Anglers in the Panhandle take Cobia fishing very serious. If you see a boat with one to several anglers standing around with fishing rods in hand, motoring slowing just off the beach, please be respectful and give them a wide berth. 

Of course this time of year is also great time to target sheepshead. Live shrimp around structure is always a good plan. Many fish around the jetties and catch a variety of other fish along with the sheepshead. Once you learn to feel the bite, catching them is pretty straight forward. However, if this is your first attempt make sure you bring a couple extra dozen shrimp to fine tune your technique! 

Redfish are still cruising the flats in large schools but can definitely be a challenge this time of year. Most have been chased up and down the banks for the last couple of months and are easily spooked. Long cast in front of schools moving away or getting in front of the fish letting them come to you is a good plan. Live shrimp laying still on the bottom will usually do the trick. If you like to use artificial, instant message me on Facebook and I’ll give you some info on my go to lures and techniques! 

Speckled trout will be moving more and more out onto the flats away from the creek mouths as the water continues to warm. Look for bait, mullet schools and area’s with good tidal flow from creeks and bayou’s. Top water is my favorite method and as the month heats up so should the bite!

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