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PENN Fishing Tackle has brought another great spinning reel to the fishing market, it is the new PENN Conflict spinning reel.  If you love your PENN Sargus or Battle you’re really going to love the Conflict!  PENN has been working hard to come out with some very good tackle and I feel that they hit a “homerun” with the PENN Conflict.  Here are some of the features that make the PENN Conflict stand alone as a great reel.

The Conflict’s great looking and durable design with a super smooth but very strong drag are a few of the reasons some many anglers will love to fish this reel!  Conflicts full metal body allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe pressure while you are fighting that trophy fish.  The Techno-Balanced rotor (reinforced graphite on 1000-4000 sizes) ensures a smooth retrieve every cast.

Key Features of the PENN Conflict Spinning Reel:

• Full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads (5000, 6000 & 8000 only) • Superline Spool™ – No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline (braid) from slipping • Machined and anodized aluminum spool • HT-100™ Carbon Fiber drag  washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads • Line Capacity Rings • 7+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearings • Infinite anti-reverse • Techno-balanced™ rotor gives smooth retrieves • Machined and anodized aluminum handle with foam knob. • Heavy-duty Aluminum bail wire.

By keying the proprietary HT-100 Versa-drag washers into the spool PENN was able to use both sides of each drag washer giving the Conflict higher max drags, more range and smoother start ups than the competition.  PENN’s HT-100 washers are greased with our proprietary PENN grease for longevity.

Cap and Stats:

CFT1000: Mono cap yds/lb: 275/2   135/4   105/6 Braid cap: 160/6   130/8   110/10 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 9 lbs Ratio: 5.2:1 Weight: 7.8oz

CFT2000: Mono cap yds/lb: 240/4   180/6   125/8 Braid cap: 230/8   180/10   165/15 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 10 lbs Ratio: 6.2:1 Weight: 9.5oz

*CFT2500 Mono cap yds/lb: 255/6   175/8   140/10 Braid cap: 240/10   220/15   160/20 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 12 lbs Ratio: 6.2:1 Weight: 9.8oz

CFT3000 Mono cap yds/lb: 200/8   165/10   120/12 Braid cap: 250/15   180/20   130/30 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 15 lbs Ratio: 6.2:1 Weight: 11.3oz

CFT4000 Mono cap yds/lb: 280/8   220/10   165/12 Braid cap: 360/15   260/20  185/30 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 15 lbs Ratio: 6.2:1 Weight: 12.0oz

CFT5000 Mono cap yds/lb: 225/12   200/15   135/20 Braid cap: 420/20   300/30   240/40 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 25 lbs Ratio: 5.6:1 Weight: 19.0oz

CFT6000 Mono cap yds/lb: 335/15   230/20   210/25 Braid cap: 490/30   390/40   335/50 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 25 lbs Ratio: 5.6:1 Weight: 21.5oz

CFT8000 Mono cap yds/lb: 340/20   310/25   230/30 Braid cap: 475/50   390/65   345/80 Bearings: 7+1 Max drag: 30 lbs Ratio: 5.3:1 Weight: 28.1oz

*New Size

I was one of the field testers for the new PENN Conflict during the design stage and here are the features that I enjoy while fishing this reel.   The Conflict has a lighter weight which you can feel when casting for hours on the water.  When I was fighting fast running fish like Spanish mackerel or False Albacore the drag stayed smooth and kept its setting throughout the entire fight.  While I was fighting hard but slower running fish like Redfish and deep water flounder the drag was smooth and stayed set even when fish would not want to come off the bottom.  I really enjoy the feel of the new foam handles, which are round with a flat finger surface on the 1000 to 4000 and a round larger design on the 5000 to 8000 sizes.  The Conflict has clean look to it with a black body and anodized titanium gray look on the spool and side plates.   And with the new 2500 Conflict size, this reel is the perfect size for all my inshore fishing needs.

I believe the PENN Conflict is going to be one of the best spinning reels PENN has ever made; I know that is a strong quote, but trust me this is a solid reel!

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Thanks for reading my review, if you have any questions on the Conflict or any PENN product let me know, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Capt. Jot Owens