An angler without polarized sunglasses is a sunbather.

It is basically a fact:  One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment by the novice angler is the proper eyewear.  As a guide, a common comment I hear is “I don’t see what you are talking about.”   

Seeing what I see, you need to have glare reduction (and then know what to look for and what you are seeing).

The ability to see a number of things the naked eye cannot is the difference between knowing where to cast and otherwise “blindcasting.”   Depth changes, underwater structure, baitfish, predator fish are all things I can see because of the appropriate eyewear.  

Choices in eyewear are the same as with pretty much everything else in the world.    There are poor choices.  Acceptable options.  Then there is the very best.    Like rods, reels and lures there are a number of companies who make sunglasses.     Over the past 25 years I have used poor, acceptable and the best from probably 15 different companies.   I have found that there were some decent items in the acceptable category but like the better rods and reels, it was worth saving up and making a better investment.  

My choice:  Smith Optics.    As I said, there are a number of companies that are putting out a quality product.   No one is doing it better than Smith.     I met Peter Crow at ICAST about ten years ago.    I just happened to walk by and I had Smith sunglasses with me.     We talked and he told me they were going more aggressively toward the fishing world.     It worked.    They have been a loyal sponsor of my once a year tournament.   My clients all buy Smith sunglasses.    It’s pretty easy:   Their product is that good, everyone should have them.    

If you want to be the most successful at fishing, you need to have the right equipment.    Polarized sunglasses are high on that list.   

For sure, you don’t want to discount the protection for your eyes.     These sunglasses will save your eyes from damage.   Be more comfortable, see more fish, enjoy life more.  

Neil Taylor


Owner and Guide: Strike Three Kayak Fishing

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