Dodging the Red Tide, fishing has been decent for the dead of summer. We’ve done combination trips: trout and pompano. Pompano were tougher for a couple of weeks but are back on track. Trout, around all year, have been good at dawn. Hit them early for best success, then shift to pompano when the sun gets up. Trout are over nearly all grass of any depth in Tampa Bay. Pompano are in the deeper locations, passes and bridges. Bridge fishing for pompano has become strong this past week. Trout are caught on nearly all lures. My favorite two ways: 5-inch plastic tails or top­water. Pompano are on the jig and teaser. I use a yellow jig with a pink teaser. Trout and pompano are both best when tides are running stronger. You’ll catch some when tides are not running as strong, but it’s definitely better with water movement. Pompano should remain strong for three more months. Trout will continue to get better as the fall nears. Top­water lures for trout are great before the sun comes up but shift to subsurface with the sun above the horizon. Pompano are caught jigging the lures. Try slower jigging if you’re not getting strikes.

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