What’s hot:
Recently returned, one of the best species has been pompano. We have caught as many as 20 in a single outing. The average size has been pretty good.

Tackle and techniques:
Pompano do not require heavy gear. In fact, they are more fun on lighter tackle. What is a rod with good feel, a reel with a good drag and the right lure choice. The right lure to me is a pompano jig with a fly teaser. I custom tie my own teasers. The jig is the weight. I choose yellow for the color of the pompano jig. My favorite color for the teaser is pink. I add flash to my pink teasers. I would stick to the: “Yellow, pink and gold” for best results. You will find that you will catch a majority of the fish on the teaser. They will be in the same spots year after year. Sand bottom and a depth of nine feet or more is best. Get the jig and teaser on the bottom. Hop it until a fish eats it. Keep the lure in contact with the bottom. Minimum legal size is 11 inches. I don’t keep them until they get 13. An angler is allowed to keep six. They are a great fish to consider taking home..

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