Pompano fishing bouncing back after lull



Pompano have made a strong return. The best pompano fishing I had ever seen faded several weeks ago, but they returned and are significantly bigger — the size they were last year. We are routinely catching double the number we were in 2016. Pompano fishing is “jigging.” You buy pompano jigs and teasers. I choose yellow for my jig and pink for my teaser. Use the smallest jig possible to get the jig and teaser to the bottom. Jigging is jabbing the rod tip to make the lure comes up off the bottom. With proper technique, the lure should return and strike the bottom after the jigging motion. Pompano are going to be on the bridge pilings or other locations where there is good water flow and a depth of greater than 8 feet. Minimum length is 11 inches to the fork, but release the 11- and 12-inch fish and keep working for the bigger fish. There is much more meat, and those smaller fish will remain around for our future.

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Neil Taylor

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