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For a full month now, easily the best species has been pompano.    We have caught as many as 40 in a single outing.    We have routinely been catching 25 to 30.   The average size has increased since the summer has been wearing on.
Tackle and techniques:
Pompano do not require heavy gear.   What is a good choice is a rod with good feel, a reel with a good drag and the right lure.   The right lure is a pompano jig with a fly teaser.   I custom tie my own teasers.   The jig is the weight.  I choose yellow for the color of the pompano jig.  My favorite color for the teaser is pink.  You can catch them on other combinations but stick with “Yellow, pink and gold” for best results.   The teasers I tie have lateral scale tied into them which adds flash to the teaser.    You will find that you will catch 90% of the fish on the teaser.   Find the pompano.   They will be in the same spots year after year.   Get the jig and teaser on the bottom.   Hop it until a fish eats it.    Keep the lure in contact with the bottom.  Pompano are great sport on light tackle.     Minimum legal size is 11 inches.  I don’t keep them until they get 13.     An angler is allowed to keep six.     They are a great fish to take home to eat.
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Neil Taylor

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