Power-Pole Pro Series


originally posted to Pro Angler’s Journal

A Power Pole on the stern of any boat makes fishing shallow water a snap; or should I say a “push” of a button! John Oliverio’s vision for making this boat positioning tool has truly revolutionized our sport… to the point that jargon such as “power-pole down” has become common vernacular on many inshore boats. In fact, it’s really hard for me to believe that the Power-Pole is now more than ten years old. Lately the Power Pole has even taken the bass market by storm… just watch one of the Bassmaster Elite 50 events and you’ll notice that more than half the field is making use of this serious fishing tool! JL Marine Systems manufactures several versions of the Power Pole in their well rounded product line but the Pro-Series is the most popular with many anglers… and here is why.

The Pro-Series Power Pole fully deploys in less than five seconds… never will you drift past the sweet spot on a flat again struggling to put a standard anchor out quickly or hustling to stick a poorly designed manual pole into a hard sea bottom. The Power Pole anchor allows anglers to effortlessly position their boats and maximize fishing opportunities like never before… without the mess and storage issues of traditional anchors & stake-out poles. All Power Poles are constructed with a blend of aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium and ballistic-class plastic for the ultimate in strength and durability! The Pro-Series Power Pole also comes with a super smooth and quiet pump system that does not alert wary game fish of your boat’s presence and with its ample hydraulic pressure, your boat will be held securely in place no matter what the wind, wave, or current conditions. In addition to all these outstanding features, the Power Pole is very eco-friendly and has absolutely no negative impact on the environment; it actually uses a 100% bio-degradable fluid (Green Marine) for its hydraulic needs.

The Pro-Series Power Pole comes in both 6 and 8 foot models… both models boast a 5 year warranty. The (8’ model) can anchor a vessel up to 26’ /3600 lbs. with no problem… in sand, grass, mud, or even oyster! Also the Pro Series Power Pole is very light weight (29.5lbs/6’ & 34.5lbs./8’); go weigh that moldy 100 feet of anchor line, rusty chain and bulky anchor itself, it’s heavier and a lot less user friendly! Plus, Pro Series Power Poles are powder coated and painted for maximum corrosion resistance and available in three colors (white, black, grey) to compliment the major outboard engine manufacturers. Features like adapter mounting plates, remote controls, foot switches, wave packs, travel gloves, and even graphic wraps are all available for the Pro-Series line-up. And the customer service at JL Marine Systems… well in my humble opinion is second to none; their reputation is that of the “industry elite” when it comes to product integrity & customer support!

Some may say that a Pro-Series Power Pole is a luxury but I consider it a necessity… you will too the very first time you experience this outstanding fish catching tool! For more info or to locate an authorized Power Pole dealer… please visit http://www.power-pole.com

Keep’em Bent

Captain CA Richardson