November 9, 2011 By Neil Taylor

A new publication by Seaside Publishing (the St Pete Times) was put together by the Outdoor Editor at The Times, Terry Tomalin.  The book is called “Everyday Adventures.  A Florida Outdoors Guide.”       The book is what I would call the “Cliffs Notes” for Florida Adventures.   Get “in the air”, on the water, in the water, underwater, on footpaths, on wheels or do some camping or fishing- the book is a collection of brainstorms to enhance your Florida experience.

This book could have just as easily been named “Everything Outdoors” in Florida adventures because Tomalin has covered all aspects and angles.  Many of the things that are identified and described are things I’ve never done or even witnessed.   A family man, he has touched on aspects of family entertainment but there are also a lot of intense activities identified and described that our Florida water and woods users enjoy.   Tomalin doesn’t miss the importance of discussing safety and ethical behavior related to the various activities.   From camping and “ghost stories” to snorkeling for scallops and then to catching tarpon, redfish, snapper, trout, gator hunting to wilder activities such as “Ziplining”, if you are searching for new things to do- get this book.

Illustrated with excellent photos throughout the book, the eight chapters break it down into subsections that are specific choices for outdoor activities inside those activity interests.   “Straight to the point”, you can get everything you need to know about how to set up and enjoy your chosen adventure.   Chapter One gives geographic suggestions for paddling activities for the kayak touring folks.  Many of these locations will be very appealing to those who like to take the rod and reel along with them.   Chapter Two identifies ten different fishing venues giving tips on how to successfully target seven species of fish.   Chapter Three is “on foot” with hiking destinations.   Chapter Four identifies underwater activities including scalloping, diving and encountering manatees.   Chapter Five gives a great list of camping destinations, fun tips on telling ghost stories and making campfires.   Chapter Six is cycling and skating with more excellent destination ideas.  In Chapter Seven “surf’s up!” for the people who like to ride the waves or even take-to-the-air for some kite surfing.   Then finally, Chapter Eight “The Wild Side” is a variety of other choices from birding and swimming to tracking down The Swamp Ape!  In total: 80 different activities to enjoy in our state guiding both tourists and Florida residents to anything they may want to try.

Copies of the book may be found at Barnes & Noble and or ordered at, phone: 888-352-2665.  Bulk purchases may be made for wholesalers at special discounts.   On Tuesday, November 22 at Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure in Pinellas Park there will be an event to celebrate the new book.

About the author:
Terry Tomalin moved to Florida in the spring of 1980 for the sun and
surf. After graduating from the University of South Florida in 1983,
Tomalin backpacked through Europe, returning a few months later to work
for a small Central Florida newspaper, where his stories on the Ku Klux
Klan resulted in the resignation of a local sheriff. Tomalin joined the
St. Petersburg Times as a police reporter in 1986, but left 18 months
later to explore backpack through New Zealand and Australia. He returned
a year later and transferred to the Sports Department to cover the Great
Outdoors. Over the past years, he has lived with witch doctors in the
Amazon, explored sunken Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico, sailed to
Cuba, canoed to the Bahamas and swam around Key West. Tomalin loves to
fish, surf, paddle and enjoy all Florida has to offer. A fellow of the
prestigious Explorer’s Club in New York City, Tomalin holds a Masters
Degree in Florida Studies and is actively involved in many community
organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America.

Keep up with Terry Tomalin’s future outdoor adventures in the St Pete Times.

Note:   Terry has passed away.    He died suddenly, too young.    The outpouring from people was excellent.     I am pleased with the time I had with the man.    NT

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