Boat Ramps

Here is a comprehensive listing of Florida’s many boat launch ramps sorted by areas of the Sunshine state. Just click the link of your choice for full details of available ramps for launching your boat anywhere in Florida.

Dade County Ramps:

I live in south Dade County (Now called Miami-Dade County) and I thought I would update you on some of the ramp info.

All the Miami-Dade County Parks Ramps now charge $10.00 per day for boat & vehicle. An annual, unlimited use pass can be purchased (for one vehicle-non transferable) for $120.00. This is the biggest bargain on the market for the serious boater as it is good and any of the County Parks Boat Ramps.

Mathason Hammock ramp has 9 good ramps. Very crowded on weekends & parking becomes almost impossible to find then.

Black Point is maintained best of all, The park manager pressure washes the ramp at low tide clearing it of slime & algae. The biggest drawback is the long channel which is a Manatee Zone Idle speed and it takes you 20-30 minutes to make it to the open water to power up.

Avoid it on weekends between 1-5pm as it is a mayhem as boaters return to get their trailers, try to dock, or hold position in the narrow basin while waiting for a dock and the ability to get the car and trailer. Once on the dock the line of cars & trailers waiting to get back to recover the boat is easily 20-30 minutes. It is such an event that the local citizens come there and sit on the small hill overlooking the ramp by the hundreds on the weekend afternoons to watch the show & fights the boaters provide. In fact they start cheering JERRY-JERRY-JERRY-JERRY-JERRY-JERRY (as they do on the Jerry Springer Show) when a boater really fouls up! Interesting!

If one waits until about sundown the crowd thins out, on the hill and at the ramps.

Mal McAleenan