By Neil Taylor
Guide at Strike Three Kayak Fishing

A Safety Harbor company, with contracts with the US Military, I am very pleased to be using this company’s products and have them involved with the 2014 Captain Mel Classic.   Their company is not limited to sunscreen and bug spray.   You can see the other things they have at SAWYER PRODUCTS.   You will see their water filtration and first aid supplies on their site, also great options for the outdoors folks.

Non-toxic to humans, this is a great item to buy and keep handy when facing those brutal bug infested situations.  For mosquitoes, mites, chiggers, fleas, gnats, ticks and even biting flies there are options available that apply non-greasy and offered in airline approved sizes to take with you.   Clothing, gear, and topical uses it is available in lotions, sprays and combination repellent/sunscreen. I have no doubt you will find the right choice for your various outdoor activities.

The Sawyer bug repellents already had a good name with the outdoorsmen.   Honestly, I had delays in trying their out because I was not in very buggy conditions during much of the past year.   That all changed at the tail end of the rainy season and I was pleased I had their product with me.

Once I did encounter situations I utilized their products and they performed like I thought they would.   The repellents are long-lasting and do what they are designed to do.  Many of my other colleagues have also been using the product and they are all stating that it is their #1 choice moving forward.  I will always keep it around.   I think that anyone who goes camping, they are going to want to get very familiar with what this company has to offer.

How does it work?   Permethrin is an odorless repellent explained on their site:   Click HERE

Here is the page on their web site that lists all of these products:

Find the one that applies best for what you are doing and go with it!

I use their sunscreen daily, and I reviewed that product HERE.  Without question, the best sunscreen product I have ever used.

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