Spyderco Pacific Salt – Pocket Knife


originally posted to Pro Angler’s Journal

Disclaimer – Neither myself nor ProAnglersJournal.com has ever received a dime or free product from Spyderco. This is an unbiased review of a product that I couldn’t live without.

Through the years I have gone through literally dozens of pocket knives. I love knives. I might even be addicted to knives (and guns but we won’t go into that right now). Many of the pocket knives I’ve owned were very well made, very attractive and very functional….. as long as I never got near saltwater with them. After my last $40 Gerber knife (which I love Gerber knives BTW) rusted up to the point of unusability, after just a few weeks of use on my boat, I started a hardcore search online for a knife that was resistant to saltwater and rusting. I’d probably been through 3 or 4 pocket knives that year and I was just tired of them failing me. Saltwater is a harsh environment for steel and it was costly to keep replacing pocket knives.

I stumbled upon a knife online that boasted that it was “impervious to saltwater”. I was doubtful but I had to try it. I wasn’t going to throw away any more money on another Gerber, Buck, or Case knife just to have it rust up after a few weeks. What I found was a knife made from an unusual and rare steel. The steel is called H1 steel and it is truly rust resistant. From what I have read, for steel to resist rusting it must give up carbon (which is used for hardening) but a Japanese company found a way to harden the steel without carbon altogether. They use a method called precipitation hardening and replace the carbon with nitrogen. The result is a steel that is relatively hard and almost completely rustproof. I say ALMOST rust proof  because the first one I owned I dropped in the bilge of my bay boat.  As far as I know, Spyderco is the only company taking advantage of this H1 steel and the Spyderco Pacific Salt model that I had bought stayed lost in my bilge for 6 weeks and when I did find it, it did have several rust spots on it but it was still sharp and still functional; even after being partially submerged in saltwater for 6 weeks.

During the time that I had lost that knife, I ordered a new one. I’ve had this “new” one for over a year now and I tell you the truth… In a little over a year, this knife has not seen a drop of fresh water. I literally rinse this knife off in my live well (saltwater) and then rub the excess water off on my pants or shorts. There is not one speck on rust on it and it works and looks just like it did the day I bought it. So, my conclusion is this. If you fish saltwater and you’re tired of pocket knives rusting up on you. You owe it to yourself to buy a Spyderco Pacific Salt model pocket knife. They are relatively inexpensive online. You can get them for as little as $54.99 here http://www.agrussell.com/product.asp?pn=SPC91PYL&bhcd2=1259976504 FYI, I have not ever purchased anything from A.G. Russel but Amazon and BladeHQ.com (where I’ve purchased knives from before) seem to not be carrying these particular knives at the moment.

Long story short. If you fish saltwater and you like to have a pocket knife on you, you’d be foolish not to have this as your main pocket knife on your boat. If you have any questions about the knife, please feel free to contact me any time at gofishing@captainclay.com