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St Croix rod: The Mojo Inshore

Another option for a spinning rod in the St Croix line of products, I added four of these rods into my charter business last year. This brings my arsenal to the Rage, Inshore Avid, Tidemaster and now the Mojo Inshore. Every rod has its place in my business. With so many different things I take people to do on the water, it is best to have the right tool for each job. Before a review, I use this equipment myself, extensively, to see how it performs.
This rod does very well for me in specific situations. I utilize it for two main purposes: Bridge jigging and for throwing topwater lures. For using the light jigheads, I prefer the Inshore Avid over all other options. The Mojo Inshore with bigger guides and solid power: Great for these other fishing choices, it can be used for using the light lures, but I just like the Avid the best for that application. The M.I. is probably a decent live bait rod as well, something I can just tell you straight out: I haven’t tried it. Along the same lines, I would make a reasonable guess, this rod will probably do best if throwing heavier natural baits instead of very light ones.

A great rod for casting and working topwater lures.

A great rod for casting and working topwater lures.

Like every other St Croix product, these rods are built very well. The track record* on all St Croix rods, nearly perfect for nearly two complete decades, the Mojo Inshore is not showing any kind of wear and has not had any failure even after hooking fish that are probably way out of its weight class. (*In eighteen years of using St Croix rods, as of June 2014, I have only had one break. I have replaced tips on five or six rods but only one rod has broken in that time period) These rods have performed very well moving black drum away from bridges. These rods have done very well throwing big noisy topwater lures.

Carol Anne used the Mojo Inshore to catch multiple drum, pulling them away from the structure with this rod.

Carol Anne used the Mojo Inshore to catch multiple drum, pulling them away from the structure with this rod.

Choices in length and power are fairly limited but I believe cover everything that is necessary. In 7 or 7 foot six inch lengths, power choices are Medium, Medium Light, Medium Heavy and Heavy. Action choice is “Fast.” The choice I made and am very happy with is Medium Power, Fast Action. A thicker blank (it seems) than a rod like the Inshore Avid, the Medium Fast has very good power and “feel”.

One very popular feature of this rod over other choices in the St Croix line: The split grip handle. I like this feature and overall I would say that the lower handle area is an acceptable length, slightly longer than on the other models I use. When it comes down to which rod you are going to choose: Price, function and durability. Pricing on these rods is going to be in the $130 to $140 range. This is a rod that does its job in many situations.

Decision time, it is kind of up to you. Pick up this rod and see how it feels to you. For many, it may be the only rod you ever need. For others it may be a great option to fill a spot in your arsenal. As great as their products are, you may want to use this rod and others to have exactly what you want for specific needs. You are shopping for new fishing rods: Pick up the Mojo Inshore and see how you like how it feels.

From the St Croix web site:

Premium-quality SCII graphite.
Specialized inshore saltwater series designed and built for superior performance.
Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless-steel frames for dramatically improved corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless-steel frames.
Fuji® DPS reel seat/black hoods on spinning models.
Fuji® ECS reel seat/black hood on casting models.
Split-grip /premium-grade cork handle.
Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

Services and Warranty information HERE

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