Every once in a while something comes along that it takes me a long time to appreciate the usefulness of that item and I realize that it is a true investment and “must have” gear.  Intelligence combined with resourcefulness is a great combination.

It has been over two years since I was introduced to this product by a client of mine.    Barry handed me what looked like a bulky strap and a key and I thought “that’s kind of interesting”.   What has transpired since that time has been remarkable.

I believe that the value of this particular product is that there are “intended uses” and there are the things you will “decide to use it for”.    The product:   Steelcore Security Straps.      What is it?   This is a locking cut resistant strap built with stainless steel cams, hardened aircraft aluminum (buckle) and a polypropileian covering a cut resistant steel aircraft cable.     The design is pretty simple, but brilliant.   Like a snake, the Steelcore straps are pliable and have such versatility because of it.

Skipping back to when I decided to utilize the gift Barry gave me:   A kayak strap is something I utilize every day.    This item could serve both purposes of securing the kayak to my roof rack but also to lock it so that no one other than Neil Taylor could remove this strap.    With multiple kayaks left on my roof rack 365 days a year, I made a decision to use it another way.    I run the strap under my roof rack bar and through spaces in the kayaks where, and after I put the end of the strap through the buckle and then turn that key to lock it:   It is going to be a major deterrent to anyone considering stealing my kayaks.

Let’s face some realities.   People who have an extreme desire to steal something will try to find a way.    I believe that when they look at the Steelcore Straps, they are very likely to keep heading down the road.    For others who do take other precautions there are stories where they lost property anyway because “thieves have bolt cutters”.    Watch this video on someone trying to cut through a Steelcore strap:  http://steelcore.net/howtough.html

Kayaks, paddleboard applications

There is a considerable amount of investment in paddle craft for a growing segment of the United States population.   There is unfortunately a considerable amount of theft of kayaks and other valuables creating heartache for people who have their security violated and property lost.  The ability to lock up your kayaks to your roof rack (or to something in your yard, garage, dock etc.) makes this product appealing but you can use it for a lot of other things too.

Relating an anecdote for “other uses”: This story speaks volumes I noticed that a friend had become distracted or forgot to take a very expensive lawn mower back into his shed, where he usually kept it.   I took my Steelcore strap and locked his equipment to his fence and then left to take my fishing charter.    I forgot about it and my phone rang during that evening with a message left that went something like this:  “My husband said to call you and tell you he’s buying you dinner for a week.   It took us a couple of hours to figure it out but he called me in a panic about the lawn mower possibly not being in the shed.   I went out, saw that it was still there and called to reassure him nothing had happened to it.    I had to call him back to say that I could not move it because it was bolted to the fence.    He told me I was wrong but later he called me back and said ‘This has to be the work of Neil’ and we both laughed.”    I did not feel good about leaving with his expensive mower sitting out and it prevented what may have been an expensive mistake for him.   The only risk would have been that he could not use his lawn mower again until I showed back up with the key.

Steelcore Value:

This is an extremely well-built item which has been upgraded since I was given a Strap.    That original strap now belongs to my kayak sponsor, something I gave them on a recent visit they made where their kayaks on the trailer would be exposed to potential theft during their hotel stay in the area.    I have no doubt it still has years of life in it.    The intangible value of a Steelcore Strap?   Knowing it is on and locked.   The peace-of-mind I have because my “roofrack boats” and my trailer boats are locked up with Steelcore straps makes me sleep better at night.     The only nightmare I can have is one where I dream that I “did not turn the key.”

They think of it all and they back it up with exceptional service offers.    Take a look at this from their FAQ Page: Question:  I have lost all 3 keys, what do I do now? Answer- Call or e-mail us with the number on your lock and we will send you replacement keys for a small charge.    Another one: Question: Can I purchase additional sets of Security Straps that will match the keys that lock the Steelcore Security Straps that I already own? Answer:  Yes, call or e-mail with the number on your lock and the model that you want and we will arrange it.

Steelcore Durability

This is a weather-resistant strap, evidenced by the one I have used for a couple of years.    The buckle, lock and key:   I never had a single issue over the two years of daily use.    The strap material has one small area of fraying, midsection (because it was skimming off the roads for at least 25 miles underneath my trailer, due to my mistake.   The strap did not even come close to wearing through to the steel core).

Buying a Steelcore Strap

Sold in pairs in lengths of 9, 12 and 15 feet- the Straps are a tremendous “cost split” choice for friends who may want to own just one apiece to secure kayaks (or lawnmowers, or bikes, or motorcycles, or boat motors camping and hunting gear, ladders and other work equipment – again, you will probably find your own uses for the Strap I haven’t even imagined)   But I will predict that you may not want to have just one.    If you buy two sets (which would mean you have four total Steelcore Straps) think about how you can utilize the extras for gifts.    For complete product descriptions and pricing, visit the Steelcore “Products” page.

To place an order call:  1-800-261-8541.     Talk about a perfect gift:    Everyone can find a reason to use one of these!   If you are a vendor and would like to talk to Steelcore about stocking their product, use the same number or send an email to: Mitch@steelcore.com.   You are most likely going to hear back from Mitch and he will consult with you and help you with anything and everything that you may need.

More Steelcore products

There are also some other uses for the Steelcore strap I hadn’t thought of.  When I got one of their brochures I saw that the locking strap was a way of sealing off Jacuzzi tubs preventing access by children and preventing a tragedy.    That item is called “Spa Cover Steelcore Straps”.   There are other items that may also be appealing that can be seen at http://steelcore.net/products.html.  There are some excellent specific options which may apply to you.   The 2-part tie down straps?   Getting those next.    The Security Soft Racks?   I know people that would help out.    The Tailgate Strap and Pads:   I believe that both paddleboard owners who own pickup trucks should look at this one.

Explore  the variety of product options!


You never know if you don’t ask.   In my conversations with Steelcore staff, they are open to ideas but definitely will consider doing straps in requested lengths if that satisfies the consumer’s needs.

For complete information on Steelcore products, visit their main site

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