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Alternative anchoring methods are available to different watercraft users. A conventional anchor is necessary in deep water situations but another option exists for the shallower situations. For the shallower depths, the most secure anchoring that can be done is with a stakeout device, which goes down into the ground, securing to the seafloor. In the past, these devices were called “stakeout poles” and usually made by “do-it-yourself” gurus. The do-it-yourself folks should skip a step, get a superior option and spend that time fishing instead.

The Stick-It Anchor Pin is one of the options for an anchor system that penetrates the seafloor and clips off, or mounts to, your watercraft. There are quite a few options in the stakeout-pole category but this one has some differences that set it apart from the others. As 100% “Kayak” in what I do, there are some differences, comparisons and some contrasting uses depending on what your watercraft is.

StickItKitThe Stick-It is a very strong piece of solid reinforced polyester resin, with a T-handle with options of five-and-a-half, seven and eight-foot pins. With excellent strength and small diameter, the Pin will penetrate easily, even into hard shell or 100% sandy bottom. The pin is supplied with a lanyard with a clip. Also, consider other accessories: “Hi-vis” float, mounting clips/Velcro safety straps, which can be seen on the Stick It web site.

For the powerboat users, the Stick-It is an option for someone who wants to anchor in this manner but cannot afford any high-end hydraulic anchoring options that exist. This is ultimately a “manual” version of this item, acceptable for vessels up to 18 feet in length. The Stick It has great mounting features and will hold the boat, either for storage while not in use or “ready for deployment”. The “Brake” is one accessory mounting option, creating a one-position “locked in” mount for your Pin: The Stick It Pin also eliminates the use of the bigger anchor in the shallow muddy areas, easier on seagrass and keeping more “mud and crud” out of your boat. stickijt1

The kayak anglers who patrol the shallows for their fishing are all interested in this anchoring method and they realize with a quick search that there are a number of options for them. Anchoring a kayak utilizing a stakeout device like The Pin versus other options: A big difference, the pin has more flexibility (bend) and a smaller diameter. The smaller diameter and “flex” makes it easier to store for both kayaker and powerboat user compared to the “stiffer” options. On the water: Rigid, stiffer options don’t have the “give” the anchor pin has. Less rigid, the flex keeps things gentler when anchored in waves, current and higher winds. The clip makes it easy to attach to the ring of an anchor trolley system.

Unbreakable and with a 5-year warranty, this is a “zero maintenance” addition to your fishing equipment for the boat and kayak users. I’ve seen all the options. When people ask me what stakeout device to use, I tell them to Stick It!

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