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August 12, 2014 

By Neil Taylor, and

“Marine Suspending Tackle Bag Systems, or Tacklewebs for short, are an innovative new system of storage for fishing vessels.”

By Neil Taylor, and

Fitting strongly in the category “if you don’t have it, you are going to get some of these”, Tackle Webs and Cooler Webs! Get webbed, get organized…

There are innovators in the industry but some fill a gap better than others. Some, the uses may extend past fishing uses. Tackle Webs utilizes previously unused spaces eliminating a lot of “hidden tackle” and helps people get more organized on their boats and kayaks. Suspending storage is something that utilizes previously unused space. Who wouldn’t want that? The only thing that is more exciting than the product is the price. Tackle Webs are a fantastic tool that you can get for a bargain price. And, a great gift idea EVERY fisherman will be pleased to get.

Their original webs were excellent bungee systems for the frames of poling platforms, the sides of center consoles and the back of seats. They are not limited to those areas. Mounting holes on their products allow you to set up Tackle Webs in almost any location you want to utilize for storage.

The webs snugly secure the gear. Well thought out and designed, their original designs are very popular but they have made their adjustments moving forward.

The company started in 2010 but the very exciting development in 2014 has been the adhesive products. The Cooler Web concept is excellent. Never-die adhesive, you can mount these items on flat surfaces, for example on the underside of the lid of your cooler. Holding items up to the roof of the cooler they do not fall victim to the dampness of melting ice. You cannot ignore the uses of these on other flat surfaces like the sides of coolers, tackle storage crates (like the Yak Attack Black Pak), the inside edges of fishing kayaks and basically any other surface where you want to add a storage component.

About Mike Ortego, founder and President at Tackle Webs:
Mike Ortego founded this company and I first connected with him through 12 Fathom/Producto lure owners Mike and Craig Bayhi. In fact, the purchase of Mike’s old flats boat was the financial deal that launched Tackle Webs. Mike, a top fishing guide on the Mosquito Coast of Florida’s Atlantic waters works hard inside the industry on and off the water.

Mike, as you may already know is part of the Fishing Florida Radio fishing team. He is also connecting Tackle/Cooler Webs to radio and will be landing in tackle shops all over the west coast.

Neil is an outdoors writer, speaker and fishing guide around Tampa Bay specializing in Instructional Kayak Fishing.


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